Commercial Real Estate Encyclopedia

Accounting and Finance >>

Begin to learn accounting and finance basics. Businesses, investors and professionals rely on accounting and financial concepts for decision making, financing, and evaluating tenants, transactions, and investments.

Business Planning >>

Business planning is a process that helps businessess and professionals identify, measure and pursue opportunities.

This section covers business planning for real estate professionals in five stages. Topics covered include Value Proposition, Operational...

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage >>

Commercial brokerage encompasses many areas of expertise. Build an understanding of the many responsibilities, services and functions commercial real estate brokers perform and provide.

Investment >>

Commercial real estate investment has become extraordinarily sophisticated, but the basics remain unchanged. Learn the basics and become familiar with the more sophisticated tools of real estate investment.

Transactions >>

Commercial real estate transactions benefit people by bringing them together to exchange solutions and benefits. The spectrum of transaction types offers a broad set of tools to solve real estate and investment needs.

Valuation and Financial Analysis >>

How much is a commercial property worth? The are many factors involved in estimating the value of an investment property. Become familiar with the approaches and concepts behind valuing real estate.
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