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For Sale and For Lease Signs

Property Available Signs

Signs placed on a commercial property indicate that space or property is available for lease or sale. Signs serve two main purposes. First, signs bring in clients and generate business. Second, signs serve to build and reinforce the brand identity and name recognition of the commercial real estate firm and the commercial real estate agent.

Signs Bring In Business

Signs should prompt prospective clients to call the commercial real estate agent to find out more about an available space or property. Signs generally attract the attention of prospective clients as they drive the area looking for property or space. Signs also attract attention of other tenants or property owners in the area, and other commercial real estate agents.

Although the initial call is due to an interest in the commercial space or property, commercial real estate agents should discover what the prospects specific requirements are to ensure the available property meets their needs. If not, the prospective tenant or property owner can be guided to better suited properties that are also available on the real estate market.

To encourage sign calls, signs should contain enough information to prompt a call to the commercial real estate agent. The sign should ideally display the name of the commercial real estate agent, the agent's firm, and the telephone number.

There should NOT be anything on the sign to discourage a prospective tenants or property owners from calling. An example would be using the words "Available" instead of specifying "For Lease" The reason being the sign might discourage a call from someone looking to purchase a commercial property.

Signs Build Brand Identity

The other important aspect of using signs in commercial real estate sales is reinforcing brand identity and building name recognition for both the commercial real estate firm and the agent. Building name recognition helps build professional confidence. The location and types of properties on which signs appear will also convey the types of properties the commercial real estate firm and agent specialize in.


Property Available Signs

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