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Central business district (CBD)

Definitions of Central business district (CBD)
  • The central business district, or CBD, is the downtown or center of commercial activity in a city.
    Los Angeles has made a significant investment in revitalizing its Central Business District turning it into an attractive place to be located.

What Is The Central Business District? What Is A CBD?

The central business district, or CBD, is the center of business and economic activity in an urban area. The high concentration of business activity tends to push land values higher than in surrounding areas.

Many models of urban development center their theories of urban growth around the central business district. These models include the sector theory and concentric zone model of urban development. These models address different patterns of growth driven by access and land values relative to the CBD.

Major cities around the world have easily identifiable central business districts. New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles all have downtown areas considered to be central business districts.


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