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Definitions of Architect
  • An architect is a designer of buildings, environments, and spaces. The architect may also consult on or supervise the construction process.
    The developer was very satisfied with the architect he selected to design the last office complex he built.

What Is An Architect?

An architect is a professional who designs the built environment. The built environment includes buildings, landscapes, and interior spaces.

What Education do Architects Need?

Architects are typically licensed and are required to complete an higher level of education such as a four year university degree. They may also be required to have a certain level of hands on experience. Specific educational requirements vary by state and country.

What Do Architects Do?

Built environments are designed by architects under a multitude of requirements and constraints. In addition to the space's use and needs of the intended occupants, built environments are subject to environmental, legal, and economic factors that determine building design. Examples include zoning laws, market demand for space, environmental standards, surrounding neighbors and communities, and budget of the client.

As a result, an architect provides an integrated design of a building or space that is functional for its occupant, in compliance with legal requirements and restrictions, adapted to its environment, and within the resources of their client.


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