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Definitions of Amenity
  • An amenity is a feature or benefit of a space or property.
    The large swimming pool and ample parking were very attractive amenities at the last apparment complex we saw.

What Is An Amenity?

An amenity is any feature or benefit that improves the value or usability of a property.

Classic examples of amenities include parking, air conditioning or other property features that attract owners and occupiers and in turn increase the value of the property.

Amenities offered depend on the property type and needs of its occupant. For a residential tenant, a swimming pool would be a nice amenity. An office tenant may appreciate zoned air conditioning or extended building hours.

As lifestyles and markets change, the amenities building owners offer evolve in response to demand. Building owners may respond to demand by offering amenities such as wireless internet, common areas for people to gather, or charging systems for electric vehicles.

Social values have impacted trends and amenities offered in commercial buildings. Greater awareness of the environment as well as greater consciousness of personal and professional health and well-being have impacted the amenities offered by commercial and residential property owners and investors. Green building practices and workplace wellness are examples of forces driving resulting trends in property amenities.


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